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2021 Rankings Update: Newcomers pt 2

By Simmie Colson, 03/17/21, 3:00PM CDT



Posted On: 03/17/21 3:00 PM

I wrote earlier about me having a moment writing about Gabby Owens, well let me get back on track because here’s another hard one as I drop part 2 on combo guards because, in 2014, I met Mia Topping for the first time while earlier that same year, I was one of the coaches for Shanna Petty when it was really AAU. Topping was in the 7th grade performing at the inaugural HoopAHolics Individual Showcase when we INVADED Dallas in December without permission, I’ll never forget wondering if I would have to go the trunk and Petty was still in the 6th Grade heading to the 7th earlier in March but here are the combo guards

No. 105 Shanna Petty-5’10 (Westside) 

If I gave a Most Improved Player award, I bet you I could make a case for giving it to Shanna multiple times because first of all, she’s one of those “never takes a play off, type of player” she showed that at an early age but she also showed that “you won’t outwork me” as well and watching her come back from injuries after establishing herself as one of the top defensive guards in the state, what else could you ask for. She had a slight growth spurt and her shooting just took off, which showed her commitment as she scored off the dribble finishing with contact as well as the mid to long-range and will but she also rebounds like there is no tomorrow, she’s a BATTLER