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Long And Athletic Is The Base #PBRNJI

By Girlz Prep Report, 08/12/22, 10:15AM CDT



I write things over and over, some don’t listen, some don’t comprehend and drumroll please, and some don’t care, which is fine because I’m a real evaluator and I’m not here to fit anyone’s narrative or agenda so bottom line, if you can play, no matter what LOGO or TEAM a player is on, and I see you, that’s all I go by. I caught some players I hadn’t seen or saw limited times yet I also caught some players that I had seen and have continued to elevate their games, aka progression so let me progress with this story so I can try and wrap up Neville Jones Invitational today.


Kelechi Dike-5’11 SF (Stephen F. Austin) Houston Dream Red |2023|

Dike flying through the air grabbed my attention the first time I saw her and watching her SNAG rebounds in one motion had me pumped. She also snags passes, yeah playing the passing lane is a huge plus, so that, as well as her timing not to leave out attacking and finishing, at times defying gravity, are all sweet