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PGH Texas Top 250 Expo “The Magic Number”

By Simmie Colson, 09/28/22, 8:45AM CDT


Erin Love


What is ” the magic number”? Well, for the newbies as well as those that don’t pay attention, 6’0 is THE MAGIC NUMBER and since I became the FIRST person to put Texas players on the map over a decade ago, it is what I receive the most calls about, up to a week before school.

Well, since the portal has been overloaded with the help of liars and those with agendas, I have even received calls after it has started. Before you say “but Mr. Real Evaluator all of these players are not 6’0”, well I’m glad you’re paying attention to something because I get calls for those who play as if they are, so here ya go


Erin Love -6’0 PF (Bellaire) 2023


Love has been a battler since day 1 and that initial sighting which left a lasting impression of her being in that exclusive “you won’t outwork me” group. She never backs down from a challenge, she has shut down players 4 or 5 inches taller, that speaks volumes about her DESIRE yet that same desire to get better shows as she has progressed every season. She went after everything off the rim, gave me a highlight block as well as several highlight finishes